Then it becomes an idea, and the idea begins to transform into a plan or strategy. What am I talking about? Here is my story. Once, sitting in my cozy room in Moscow, I thought it would be great to live abroad for a while. At that time, I was 24 y.o. And I was working in a big company, but I had that feeling that I need to upgrade my life with a new experience. I remembered that when I was in Europe, in Barcelona during my vacation, I liked this city, and those memories reminded me of the relaxing vibes of this city and how cool was it. So, I built a strategy in my mind pretty quick.

I had a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, was working as a Communication Manager and copywriter, and I wanted to work in an advertisement. Barcelona has a good reputation within the design and creativity world, so I decided to do a Master’s degree. I came for one year with a big hope of studying a Master’s program in Spanish. In Spanish, I knew only “Que hora es,” but I got my Master’s degree, even though it took many hours in “a nerd mood” in a library.

Long story short, five years later, I am still here, living in Barcelona and working in a field in which I did not imagine myself never. But life can be surprising. During these four years, so many adventures and funny stories happened to me, so I decided to share them with people. This is a short introduction to start. I am going to post here the funniest and sometimes tragicomic stories, but with the happy end, I promise.
Stay tuned